Create more and more Value for People, Business and Society
through Learning & Development

Participate in the reputed 2019 GlobalCCU Forum


‘The University of Corporate Universities’

whose purpose is:

  • to reward the 2019 GlobalCCU Awards Winners and for delegates to learn from their experience which nurtures an enduring worldwide benchmark for Corporate Education across the globe
  • to create, share and evolve a body of knowledge on Corporate Universities useful for delegates and the Corporate University Community worldwide
  • to deepen the understanding of the current issues and challenges of Learning and Development
  • to optimize the general performance of the Corporate Universities / Academies, while respecting the cultures of learning in which they operate by meaningful comparisons and new horizons
  • to promote the important role to be played by Corporate Universities in the implementation of the Corporate social and environmental responsibility commitments of their organisation
  • to shape the future of the profession by positioning Corporate Universities as a vital lever for People, Business and Society.

About the GlobalCCU Awards

The GlobalCCU Awards, which takes place each two years to reward outstanding Corporate Universities, is a unique truly global contest with candidates submitting from across the world. The process is deeply qualitative, requiring many proofs of evidence to demonstrate the candidates’ high level of excellence. They are managed by a global Advisory and Judging committee, composed of Corporate University Executives selected by Annick Renaud-Coulon, founder of the GlobalCCU Awards, with respect to their high expertise in the Corporate University field.

The transmission of the Best overall gold Award, from DAU, Defense Acquisition University, USA (2013), to Banco do Brasil (2015), to Bradesco, Brazil (2017)

If you are an award applicant and reach the final but cannot travel to Sao Paulo, you can still join in the fun of our blended ceremony through a live Internet stream.

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