Thanks to this exceptional human and intellectual journey you will learn how to improve your own performance, and that of your Corporate University, due to the extensive experience and knowledge sharing of Award winners, peers, experts, facilitators, judges and partners from around the world.

Receive tangible outcomes from this outstanding event

  • Opportunities to listen and to talk with the GlobalCCU Award Winners face-to-face at the GlobalCCU Award Ceremony, Award Party and during the '2019 Award Winners Powwow’

  • Exposure to keynotes and presentations by CEOs, learning experts and selected professionals from prominent Corporate Universities and international organisations

  • Participation in the co-construction of knowledge on Artificial Intelligence’s value for Corporate Universities / Academies

  • Opportunities to visit mature Corporate Universities in Brazil, to see and feel the atmosphere of their learning culture, to appreciate the visible and invisible components of their Corporate University brand, to compare the maturity of your own Corporate University and capture innovative ideas to nurture your projects going forward

  • Experience of sharing and exploring common themes within the Corporate University worldwide, while recognising the diversity and richness of local approaches

  • Exploration of pioneering new learning ways during collaborative learning sessions

  • Possibility to learn more about the GlobalCCU CU Certification and the benefits in entering this journey towards excellence

  • Physical experience of the added value of the unique and truly global network of GlobalCCU in the Corporate University industry

  • Active participation in the branding of your Corporate University and consequently the Corporate brand and Employer brand of your Company

  • Creation of long lasting personal and professional connections across the world thanks to unforgettable memories created through working together face to face and convivial moments shared in a unique environment

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