The 2019 GlobalCCU Forum held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was an amazing, inspiring global learning event that brought together worldwide Corporate University practitioners to meet face-to-face, to share experiences and projects, to foster a corpus of industry-specific knowledge and to enhance their personal global network. Every GlobalCCU Forum is based on a main theme, and since 2013, incorporates the GlobalCCU Awards journey. This year, ‘Artificial Intelligence’s value in L&D’ was the main topic explored on the first day.

Participants gathered together for three days of intensive work within a seminar format (following pedagogical goals, evaluating them, etc.). They worked in conjunction with the most relevant speakers and had the opportunity to learn a lot from our experienced Partners. The Forum programme included the GlobalCCU Awards Ceremony and exchanges with the winners at the Powwow Session, three benchmarking tours of outstanding quality, plenary presentations, workshops, experimental learning sessions and networking opportunities within a fun and convivial club atmosphere.

The GlobalCCU Forum was hosted by

  • Hamburger University Arcos Dorados - McDonald’s
  • Academia Santander - Banco Santander Brazil
  • Unibrad Bradesco -  Banco Bradesco

Many thanks to them and to all our Partners!


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